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Preliminary Questionnaire for Website Design

About your Business

  1. Do you have a current website? If yes, what is the web address?


  1. Do you have a current domain name***?
  2. What domain name*** would you want? (See tips in the glossary)
  3. Tell me about the business, what does your business do?
  4. Do you have a Tagline***? Your tagline is often just a simple three-word statement.  They can become synonymous with your business, think “Just Do It” or “Because you’re worth it” Give me some words that sum up your business/what you do/what your clients get
  5. What servicesdo you provide?
  6. What is your business’s mission, vision, and values?
  7. Who are the key contactsat your business who must be listed on the website?
  1. Is your business a member of any industry related bodies?


  1. Does your business hold any certificates? Are you certified by any industry specific organisations or suppliers to provide any particular products or services?


  1. What are your general contact details?


  1. What physical locations does your business service?




Your Client & Competition


  1. Who is your typical client? In other words, what does your average client look like?
    Who are they, how old are they, are they male or female, where do they hangout online, what are their interests? Who are you wanting to appeal to? Who are your favourite customers/clients?
  2. What are the main reasons why a client would visit your site?
    Are they looking for information and pricing on products/services, your contact details, or something else?
  3. Who are your competitors(directly and indirectly)? What are their web addresses?
  1. What differentiates your company from its competitors?



Website Design

  1. Do you have a logo?
  2. Do you currently have a brochure or other advertising copy?
  3. Do you want to use your current colours?
  4. If no what colour scheme would you like? Check out the colour association wheel***
  5. Which websites do you like? Give the addresses
  6. What do you like about them?
  7. Which websites don’t you like? Give the addresses
  8. What don’t you like about them?
  9. Do you currently use a specific font for your logo/advertising? If so, what is it?
  10. Which font styles*** do you like from the following examples. (Or do you have specific fonts that you want to use on your site?)
    • CooperBlack
    • Arial
    • News Gothic MT


  1. Do you already have photographs I can use?
  2. Who is your ‘Ideal Client’***? Who are you wanting to appeal to?  Who are your favourite customers/clients?
  3. Which Social Media sites do you wish to link to from your website? Please give the links to your pages


Your Website Structure

  • List the pagesyou’d like on the website.
  • Will there be a blogon the site?
  • What words do you think people would use when “googling”for your business’s products and/or services?
  • Does your business have any social media accounts?
    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. What are the links to all these accounts?
  • Do you have any downloadable resourcesthat you want to make available to your clients? Such as brochures, price lists etc
  • Anything elseyou’d like to share?




I understand that not knowing what you don’t know can be a big obstacle to you getting yourself a website.  To combat this, I am assuming no knowledge and giving you a simple explanation of the terms I’ve used above.  If there’s still a gap in your knowledge, please ask me!  Remember there is no such thing as a stupid question.


Domain Name:    This is the address to your website.  For instance, mine is www,  Your domain name can be anything you wish although the name has to be available on the domain register.  Happy to look up any options for you to see what’s available. 

                              It can be useful to use your business name, especially as you are a local business for local people. Also, for the same reason I suggest you go for a ending.  It may also be useful to add what you do in there too

Hosting:               Hosting (also known as website hosting or Web hosting) is the business of housing, serving, and maintaining files for your website. In a sense, you rent space on a computer (servers) to hold your website. Your host, the computer where your website files are stored, assigns an address (DNS) for your files to your domain name so that anyone can find your website on the Internet by typing in your domain name.

Font:                     This is simply the style of text you use. You will need one for Headline Text and one for the Body Text

Tagline:                A tagline is a simple, often three-word, summary of your business.  If you don’t already have one or would like to change yours then I find it useful to consider what benefits your customers get from using your service. 

                              To help you come up with your tagine simply ‘brain dump’ (get them out onto paper without judgment) the words that come up for you when pondering these questions:

  • How does what you do make your customers feel?
  • What sets you apart from others in your field?
  • What have your clients told you they love about what you do?



Your Ideal

Client:                  In any marketing it’s useful to understand the type of client you are wanting to attract.  If you currently have a good client/customer base, then you’ll already know the type of person you are serving.  If you don’t (or wish to change the demographic) then think about who you would love to work with/serve every day.  


The Colour

Wheel:               The psychology of colour in marketing is a massive topic but, like everything else, let’s keep it simple here.  This is an overview of colour associations.


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