Some Stuff We Do

Getting your business out there and noticed. We can customize your website to suit your budget, and even train you to update it yourself to save future costs, Or – just let us do it all for you.

Having computer troubles?? Just give us a call and we can help, either over the phone or securely log into your computer and fix it up and take away the stress.

We now also have a mobile technician in Wellington, just give us a call to book in

We can tailor a hosting package to suit your website so you know you’re always getting the best deal. We take care of your domains too, from purchasing to updating DNS records.

You wouldn’t buy a family car to go racing in, so why buy a standard PC to do a specialised job? Whether you are an accountant and need a fast number cruncher, or a designer that needs super graphics, or a gamer who wants to play their favourite game at it’s optimum, we can build the best performing PC that you can get for your budget.

Websites That Work

Any style of website you need to get your business out there and working for you.

We love to help small businesses get up and running, and with our great SEO results we can have you climbing the search engine ladder to success